Infrared Photodetector (TSSP4P38)

Infrared Photodetector (TSSP4P38)
Infrared Photodetector (TSSP4P38)
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The TSSP4P38 is a compact infrared detector module for proximity sensing application. It receives 38 kHz modulated signals and has a peak sensitivity of 940 nm. The length of the detector’s output pulse varies in proportion to the amount of light reflected from the object being detected.


Specification Value
Sensor Type Infrared
Peak Wavelength 940nm
Working Voltage 2.5-5.5v
Mounting Thru-Hole
Maximum Operating Temp. 85°C
Specification Value
Size (mm) 6 x 6.95 x 5.6
Weight 0.01 lbs.
Package Mold
Mounting Leaded
Lead Spacing 0.1"

Arduino IrRemote Library:

If you are following the Introduction to Sensors course, here is the arduino library seen in lesson 4:

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