About Us

What Do We Do?

     We started this small online store with two main principles: stay simple and give people the products that they want. Throughout the years it has become far more difficult to find electronic components in local city shops and even now, most online manufacturers expect you to order thousands of parts not just the 4 or 5 that you need for your project. This situation can be very frustrating to any hobbyists or at-home engineers who only want to have some fun building and being creative! So now you have here to help get you the electronics components and kits that you want, quickly, efficiently and with the customer service you expect from any professional company.

Why Do We Do It?

     After many years of being at-home designers and builders we saw the need growing for a great online place to both get the parts you need for your projects but also to be a source of information to help you with questions you might have as you are building. Our weekly news updates, review features for products and project idea posts are all meant to help you as learners, builders, researchers and makers get the answers and ideas you need to bring your projects to life. And we do this passionately because we have seen firsthand the power makers have with the right tools and resources.

Who Are We?

The team is a unique mixture of engineers from across North America. Our team is made of software gurus, hardware makers and digital designers who all work hard to make sure we can offer the best products and kits to help you learn, make, create and succeed.

Is There Anything Else?

Yes, there is! The nature of is community oriented and we are open to new product and kit ideas from anyone. The great advantage we posses over those large manufacturers is that we are small and flexible, which means we can quickly and efficiently get the ball rolling on cool new ideas. Similarly, we love seeing what people can create with the products we offer, so please let us know (via our Contact form) what you've built so we can spread the word to help others become better builders.

Where do we ship our products from?

All components, kits and other parts that we offer for sale are shipped from the USA, from our offices at:

1014 Hopper Ave #242
Santa Rosa, CA 95403