Arduino Nano (ATMEGA328)

Arduino Nano (ATMEGA328)
Arduino Nano (ATMEGA328) Arduino Nano (ATMEGA328) Arduino Nano (ATMEGA328)
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This updated version of the Arduino Nano features an ATMEGA328 microcontroller with the arduino bootloader pre-installed and the CH340G USB to serial interface for uploading your Arduino sketches to the microcontroller. The PCB allows easy access to every pin of the ATMEGA328 microcontroller and each pin is labelled with its associated Arduino pin name and number. The USB cable is included with the Arduino Nano board.


Specification Value
Microcontroller Type ATMEGA328
Arduino Bootloader Installed Yes
Voltage USB Powered
Mounting Thru-Hole
Maximum Operating Temp. 85°C
Specification Value
Size 1.5"x0.45"
Weight 0.25 lbs.
USB Cable Length 8"
AVR ISP Connector Yes
Lead Spacing 0.1"


Arduino Nano Drivers:

In order to connect the Arduino Nano board to your computer, you will need the appropriate drivers for it. You can download drivers for the most common operating systems below:

Windows XP/7 -- MAC OS -- Linux

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