An Introduction To CPLD and FPGA (DVD)

An Introduction To CPLD and FPGA (DVD)
An Introduction To CPLD and FPGA (DVD) An Introduction To CPLD and FPGA (DVD)
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Think differently and begin your study with programmed logic using CPLDs and FPGAs with this educational course. The Introduction To CPLD and FPGA course DVD contains all 10 lessons of the original course found on PyroEDU's website. Here's a quick summary of what this course contains:

"This course is meant to create a pathway into learning about FPGA and CPLD electronics, for people who are scared of the code, tools and general trickery that usually comes with it. A hands-on approach is taken in this course through a combination of lecture and experimentation to teach you about the different features of both the development tools and languages used in the world of FPGA. Additionally, visuals are used throughout lectures like step-by-step schematic building and line-by-line code explanations so that everything gets explained."

So if you're curious about CPLDs and FPGAs, this is the course for you with everyday explanations and fun experiments!


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