CPLD Breakout Board (PCB Only)

 CPLD Breakout Board (PCB Only)
 CPLD Breakout Board (PCB Only)
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This breakout board provides individual and direct access to each of the 44 pins on the EPM3032ATC44-10 CPLD. There is also a JTAG port connecting to the appropriate JTAG pins on the CPLD for easy programming with your favorite FPGA tools. Each pin is labeled with either its pin number or as a Ground (GND) or Power (VCC) pin. This CPLD is a low voltage part, higher voltages applie to the power pins (>+5v) could potentially damage or destroy the CPLD so take care before powering it up.

This is the PCB Only version of the CPLD Breakout Board, that means that the CPLD, JTAG 10 pin header and 44 CPLD header pins are not included.



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