USB Blaster JTAG (FPGA) Programmer

USB Blaster JTAG (FPGA) Programmer
USB Blaster JTAG (FPGA) Programmer
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This is a low profile, low cost JTAG programmer for Altera CPLDs and FPGAs. It is capable of programming any Altera CPLD or FPGA, from the oldest MAX7000 and MAX3000A CPLDs to the newest high-speed Stratix FPGAs. This USB Blaster clone is also fully compatible with Signal Tap logic analyzer and it is 6 times faster than its previous parallel port design.


Specification Value
USB Compatability USB 2.0
Data Format JTAG
USB Interface SILABS
Specification Value
SignalTap II Analyzer Supported
CPLD Programming (MAX/II/V) Supported
FPGA Programming (Cycl/Aria/Stratix) Supported


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