Phototransistor (880nm QSD123)

Phototransistor (880nm QSD123)
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The QSD123 is a phototransistor encapsulated in an infrared transparent, black T-1 3/4 package. It has a peak wavelength of 880nm matching the QED123 emitter LED perfectly. The phototransistor works by turning on when 880nm infrared light is detected allowing current flow between the two terminals.


Specification Value
Sensor Type Phototransistor
Peak Wavelength 880nm
Reception Angle 24°
Mounting Thru-Hole
Maximum Operating Temp. 100°C
Specification Value
Size 1.5"x0.2"
Weight 0.01 lbs.
Package Color Black
Package Type T-1 3/4
Lead Spacing 0.1"


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