10kΩ Trimpot (1/4 Watt)

10kΩ Trimpot (1/4 Watt)
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This trimpot, or variable resistor with a center detent, is very useful for when you need to output a variable voltage that you can easily control by turning the trimpot dial. This trimpot has a total resistance of 10kΩ and is rated at 0.25 watt. The three pin standard formation makes it so that these trimpots can easily plug into a breadboard for prototyping or be soldered into a PCB.


Specification Value
Max Operating Voltage 250 volts
Resitance Value 10kΩ
Tolerance 10%
Number of Turns 1
Specification Value
Size 0.25"x0.25"
Weight 0.1 lbs.
Type Trimmer
Mounting Thru-Hole


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