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Digital Multi-meter (11 Functions)
  Description: If you're searching for a basic and fully function DMM. This 11 function digital multimeter (or DMM for short) is exactly what you need. It combines low...
DT830B Digital Multi-meter (19 Range DMM)
  Description: If you're looking for the cheapest multimeter available with the basic features necessary to do redumentary electronics work, look no further. This DT830B digital...
USB Blaster JTAG (FPGA) Programmer
Description: This is a low profile, low cost JTAG programmer for Altera CPLDs and FPGAs. It is capable of programming any Altera CPLD or FPGA, from the oldest MAX7000 and MAX3000A CPLDs to...
USB to Serial Converter (CP2102)
Description: USB can be a very confusiong protocol to interface to when compared to basic serial communication. To fix this problem we have these USB to Serial Converter modules that...