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830 Point Breadboard
  Description: Breadboards are used to build up electronic circuits either as a prototype to verify a design, or just for learning how certain circuits work. This standard sized...
9 Volt Battery Clip
Description: This connector makes it so that anyone can easily connect their project to a battery with a standard +9v connector on it. If you enjoy breadboarding your circuits, these...
Arduino Nano (ATMEGA328)
Description: This updated version of the Arduino Nano features an ATMEGA328 microcontroller with the arduino bootloader pre-installed and the CH340G USB to serial interface for uploading your...
Jumper Wire (Assorted Colors)
Description: These patch cord styled jumper wires are very useful for making solid connections either on a breadboard or between female connector jumper wires. They are sold in groups of...
Jumper Wire Kit
Description: If you are an avid prototyper with breadboards, you need jumper wire (also known as breadboard wire) to connect together your circuit. This kit comes with 70 pieces of...
Stereo Jack Breakout Board
  Description: This breakout board has two main components, a standard stereo connector jack and a 3 pin header. The 3 signals from the connector, shield, right audio...
Stereo Jack To Tinned Leads
  Description: This is a standard stereo cable plug on one and and 3 tinned wires on the other end granting easy access to raw audio signals. See the specifications...