General ICs

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Arduino Nano (ATMEGA328)
Description: This updated version of the Arduino Nano features an ATMEGA328 microcontroller with the arduino bootloader pre-installed and the CH340G USB to serial interface for uploading your...
ATMEGA328 (Arduino Compatible)
Description: This is a high performance, AVR 8-bit microcontroller that utilizes an advanced RISC architecture. This ATMEGA328 comes pre-loaded with an Arduino UNO compatible bootloader so...
ICM7555 CMOS Digital Timer
Description: This ICM7555 timer IC comes with 1 standard CMOS timer module inside its 8 pin PDIP package. It can be used with power supplies 3v to 16v and is a through-hole type part which...
LM348 Quad 741-Type Op Amp
  Description: The LM348 is a quad 741 operational amplifier in a larger package. Each operational amplifier in the IC uses common V++and V-- to simplify circuit...
LM386 Low Noise Audio Amplifier
  Description: The LM386 is a classic audio amplifier. It qualifies as a Class AB audio amplifier and can drive an 8 ohm at 325 mW with low distortion. See the...
u741 Operational Amplifier (OpAmp)
Description:   The 741 opamp is the most widely used electronic amplifier IC and can be found in applications across the electronics field. The 741 comes in an 8 pin PDIP package that...