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Arduino Nano (ATMEGA328)
Description: This updated version of the Arduino Nano features an ATMEGA328 microcontroller with the arduino bootloader pre-installed and the CH340G USB to serial interface for uploading your...
ATMEGA328 (Arduino Compatible)
Description: This is a high performance, AVR 8-bit microcontroller that utilizes an advanced RISC architecture. This ATMEGA328 comes pre-loaded with an Arduino UNO compatible bootloader so...
Crystal Oscillator (20 MHz)
  Description: This is half-can 20 MHz crystal oscillator. It is typically used as a clock signal for digital circuits as it outputs a clean square wave perfect for driving digital...
ICM7555 CMOS Digital Timer
Description: This ICM7555 timer IC comes with 1 standard CMOS timer module inside its 8 pin PDIP package. It can be used with power supplies 3v to 16v and is a through-hole type part which...
Infrared Emitter LED (880nm QED123)
Description: The QED123 is a 880nm AlGaAs LED encapsulated in a clear peach tinted, plastic T-1 3/4 package. This LED functions like any other LED however it only emits infrared light which is...
LM348 Quad 741-Type Op Amp
  Description: The LM348 is a quad 741 operational amplifier in a larger package. Each operational amplifier in the IC uses common V++and V-- to simplify circuit...
LM386 Low Noise Audio Amplifier
  Description: The LM386 is a classic audio amplifier. It qualifies as a Class AB audio amplifier and can drive an 8 ohm at 325 mW with low distortion. See the...
Photoresistor (10K-50K ohm)
Description: The PDV-P9200 are Photoconductive photocells designed to sense light from 400 to 700nm. This light dependent resistors functions in the 10k to 50k ohm range and is packaged in a...
Phototransistor (880nm QSD123)
Description: The QSD123 is a phototransistor encapsulated in an infrared transparent, black T-1 3/4 package. It has a peak wavelength of 880nm matching the QED123 emitter LED perfectly. The...
Red LED (5mm)
Description:   LEDs, short for Light Emitting Diodes, are diodes that have a special property about them that allows them to light up when given enough current at the right voltage....
Tactile Push Button
  Description: This is a standard tactile push button switch. It is rated at +12v @ 0.05A so don't use it for anything high current. Typically these switches are used for...
u741 Operational Amplifier (OpAmp)
Description:   The 741 opamp is the most widely used electronic amplifier IC and can be found in applications across the electronics field. The 741 comes in an 8 pin PDIP package that...