CPLD Breakout Board (EPM3032ATC44-10)

 CPLD Breakout Board (EPM3032ATC44-10)
 CPLD Breakout Board (EPM3032ATC44-10)
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This breakout board provides individual and direct access to each of the 44 pins on the EPM3032ATC44-10 CPLD. There is also a JTAG port connecting to the appropriate JTAG pins on the CPLD for easy programming with your favorite FPGA tools. Each pin is labeled with either its pin number or as a Ground (GND) or Power (VCC) pin. This CPLD is a low voltage part, higher voltages applie to the power pins (>+5v) could potentially damage or destroy the CPLD so take care before powering it up.



Specification Value
CPLD EPM3032ATC44-10
Brand Altera®
Useable Logic Gates 600
Macrocells 32
Specification Value
Pins 44
Package EQFP
Max Supply Voltage +4.6v
User I/O Pins 34



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