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7 Segment LED Display
  Description: These 7 segment LED displays are perfect for displaying output in an easy to read format. They can display numbers and letters clearly and crisp so you no longer have...
Infrared Emitter LED (880nm QED123)
Description: The QED123 is a 880nm AlGaAs LED encapsulated in a clear peach tinted, plastic T-1 3/4 package. This LED functions like any other LED however it only emits infrared light which is...
Phototransistor (880nm QSD123)
Description: The QSD123 is a phototransistor encapsulated in an infrared transparent, black T-1 3/4 package. It has a peak wavelength of 880nm matching the QED123 emitter LED perfectly. The...
Red LED (5mm)
Description:   LEDs, short for Light Emitting Diodes, are diodes that have a special property about them that allows them to light up when given enough current at the right voltage....