Photoresistor (10K-50K ohm)

Photoresistor (10K-50K ohm)
Photoresistor (10K-50K ohm)
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The PDV-P9200 are Photoconductive photocells designed to sense light from 400 to 700nm. This light dependent resistors functions in the 10k to 50k ohm range and is packaged in a two leaded plastic-coated ceramic header. This photocell/phototransistor increases the resistance across its terminals the darker its surroundings are, but when its surroundings become very bright, the resistance between the terminals drops significantly.


Specification Value
Manufacturer's Part Number PDV-P9200
Resistance 10k-50k ohm
Max Voltage 150 volts
Mounting Thru-Hole
Maximum Operating Temp. 75°C
Specification Value
Size 1.1"x0.1"
Weight 0.01 lbs.
Power Dissipation 125mW/°C
Wavelength Range (nm) 400-700
Lead Spacing 0.1"


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