4026 4-Bit Counter w/ 7 Segment Display Driver

4026 4-Bit Counter w/ 7 Segment Display Driver
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This is a CD4000 series 4-Bit decimal counter with 7 segment display driver. It should be used with standard +5v TTL logic circuits, although it is compatible with lower voltage operation. Please see the datasheet available for download below, for further information about this logic IC.



Specification Value
Family CD4000
Typical Operating Voltage +5 VDC
Minimum Operating Voltage +2 VDC
Maximum Operating Temp. 85deg C
Mounting Thru-Hole
Specification Value
Maximum Quiescent Current 40uA
Maximum High Level Output Current -5.2mA
Maximum Low Level Output Current 5.2mA
Pins 16
IC Package PDIP



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